Edibles and Beverages

Coffee With Style

Working at Starbucks has taught me more than I need to know when dealing with coffee. For instance, today I went to Marshalls and bought myself a French press. Marshall’s sells French presses for a good reasonable price. (The candles in the picture were also from Marshalls for a cheap price). I grinded the coffee beans for a French press. If you’re buying whole beans from Starbucks, you can actually go in and ask to get the coffee beans grinded and they will do it for you free of charge. Waiting about 10 minutes total (that’s after you do the French press routine btw), the good and smooth texturized beverage made love to my taste buds.

Adding different ingredients to your coffee is totally fine. Everybody has their own preference, some people add cups of milk, some add tons of sugar, and some love their coffee with nothing in it: black. I prefer to add coconut milk and just coconut milk to my coffee. Coconut milk is non-dairy product. Which means it doesn’t come from cows, and is more than likely not homogenized. I definitely would prefer adding coconut milk.