Sleepwear To Die For

Nomally, every morning, if I’m not waking up at 3AM to serve customers a latte or their coffee of the day, I wake up and immediately put on my robe so that I stay warm. Nobody want’s to get out of bed anyway, so wearing my robe is way of me taking my bed with me while I prepare for the day. Which usually consists of brushing my teeth, reading the daily news, washing my face, and making breakfast. The pajama bottoms that I’m wearing in the picture were actually bought during Black Friday, so I got them for a really cheap price (lucky me). It goes well with the Forever 21 tank top that I am also wearing. Since it’s January, winter is at its peak, which means cloudy skies, less sun, and if you live in an area where it’s colder; snow. The color contrast betweeen the dark PJ’s and the white robe really bring the mood of the weather together and that’s something that I love.

Robe: Abercrombie & Fitch

Tank Top: Forever 21

Pajama Bottoms: Pajama Bottoms