Museum Masterpieces

For as long as I can remember, Museums have always given me a strong fascination. Just being in the presence of paintings, photography, ancient artifacts, etc. brings a strange joy to myself and I find myself focused on every little detail that catches my eye. Recently, I visited the LACMA Museum(Los Angeles County Museum of Art) with my close friend, and I found this to be one of my favorite places to visit.

The simple admission is only$15, and that includes almost every part of the museum. A photography symbol was placed on the walls of every exhibit, as well as a security guard at every corner. Picasso’s artwork, however, was one of the few exhibits that didn’t allow any kind of photography, but I did manage to get a few pictures of the other exhibits. One of my personal favorites was the 17th Century Chinese Paintings. The entire exhibit was in low-light, and almost every painting was done on a scroll and gave an amazing story.

 The very last exhibit was the Urban Lights, which is famous for young adults and teenagers and their selfies while at this exhibit. Dozens of young people were tangled between the amazing lights. The amount of time it took to tour the entire museum was a little over an hour. So it gave us enough time to go to our favorite place to eat in LA, Urth Caffé.