Edibles and Beverages

Brew Fix Coffee Shop

When you think of coffee, what do you think of? Brewfix Coffee Shop is one of the very few café’s that I know to be very customizable with all of their products, especially during the season. A wide variety of tea and coffee is served as well as cough drops and pastries. For being only open a few months, the service is by far the best I’ve seen at any coffee shop. They even offer a “black card” which is basically a free drink on the house if the baristas mess up your order, which rarely ever happens.  It’s located in the center of the city of Fresno, so the vibe is nothing less than friendly and sociable. If ever you happen to be in California check it out, it’s an experience like no other. It feels just like home (seriously you guys, skip visiting grandma and visit the Brewfix instead).