Models Jessey Stevens & Savannah Montano Relationship Goals?

Not only are Savannah and Jessey the cutest couples in the model industry, but they are savages at pranking as well. Having been compared to Jay Alvarrez and Alexis Ren, their history dates back all the way to 2014. Jessey, whose best friend is Massey Blakeman, started off his career in New York with Next Models agency and instantly became a hit. Savannah reached her fame posting STUNNING Instagram photos and became a member of the same agency. If you seen any of her photos on her Instagram , you’d know exactly what I mean. The couple is just extravagant.

What’s caught the attention of many people is their recently uploaded YouTube videos. One second the couple is lovey dovey and the next second they’re pulling pranks on each other. The way the pranks are played out are beyond perfect. From breaking phony phones to fake marriage proposals, the schemes ended with a good laugh. A connection between two soulmates is what balances the relationship and pranking. Without common ground between the lovers, pranking would only cause tension between Jessey and Savannah.

Photo Creds: Savannah Montano’s Twitter

Although their masterminded schemes are their most popular videos on their channel, they also have videos that show their true connection. Like many youtubers who share an account with their significant others, videos that surfaced the internet like Q&A, How We Met, Challenges, and Vlogs, are all seen on their YouTube channel. Check out this video that Savannah enjoyed so much. She had the opportunity to put makeup on Jessey (which went really well if you want a good laugh).

Adding the cherry on top of all of this sweetness, just look at them. A young, down-to-earth couple just experiencing and enjoying life is exactly what we need as role models when it comes to the connection they have.