Daring Darks

Today’s ‘fit was more of a professional hipster look. This outfit is entirely from H&M. These gray slim slacks fit very comfortably and look fashionable, as well. I tucked in a black button-up shirt and rolled up the sleeves. H&M offers really good professional button-up shirts for as little as $10-$15. Even if there is… Read More Daring Darks


Museum Masterpieces

For as long as I can remember, Museums have always given me a strong fascination. Just being in the presence of paintings, photography, ancient artifacts, etc. brings a strange joy to myself and I find myself focused on every little detail that catches my eye. Recently, I visited the LACMA Museum(Los Angeles County Museum of… Read More Museum Masterpieces

Edibles and Beverages

Morning Tasties

  The new Cascara Latte at Starbucks is definitely something different. Cascara, pronounced like mascara, is a latte that specializes in a coffee cherry. The taste is very slight, so you’re not going to be overwhelmed with a whole new taste. As soon as your lips touch the warmness of the drink, you’re met with… Read More Morning Tasties


Evening Ever Looks

Everybody has their favorite look when they’re going out with their friends or family. It’s a night to have fun, get out of your comfort zone, and meet potential life-long people. First impressions are always the most important, and you don’t just want to be the one guy or girl who has smeared ketchup or… Read More Evening Ever Looks

Edibles and Beverages

Coffee With Style

Working at Starbucks has taught me more than I need to know when dealing with coffee. For instance, today I went to Marshalls and bought myself a French press. Marshall’s sells French presses for a good reasonable price. (The candles in the picture were also from Marshalls for a cheap price). I grinded the coffee… Read More Coffee With Style